Transforming Lives in Mansfield

Transforming Lives in Mansfield

Welcome to 2nd Chance Mentors, where we proudly serve the vibrant community of Mansfield, Texas, driven by a mission deeply rooted in compassion and second chances. 

Our journey began with a profound commitment to giving back, spearheaded by a former federal inmate turned entrepreneur. 

Having successfully established two thriving gyms, we redirected our focus to launch our non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting at-risk youth within our local district.

At 2nd Chance Mentors, we specialize in providing a lifeline to those who have been expelled from school, offering them a second opportunity at education through mentorship. Our unique approach involves pairing each young man with a dedicated mentor, guiding them towards academic success and eventual graduation. 

What sets us apart is our innovative incentive program: if our mentees demonstrate academic progress, maintain good attendance, fulfill community service obligations, and engage in goal-setting sessions with their mentors, they earn the coveted reward of Jordans - not once, but twice a year!

With three years of impactful service under our belt, we currently serve 14 boys with the support of approximately 10 dedicated mentors.

Are you ready to join us in transforming lives and uplifting our community's future leaders? Contact us today at (817) 760-9544 and become a part of our mission to make a difference!