Our Mission

As a NonProfit, we have a firm belief in empowering the next generation. We assist vulnerable youth by encouraging self-advocacy and supporting them in overcoming challenges.

Creating Second Chances

Transforming Lives in Mansfield

Welcome to 2nd Chance Mentors, where we proudly serve the vibrant community of Mansfield, Texas, driven by a mission deeply rooted in compassion and second chances. 

Our journey began with a profound commitment to giving back, spearheaded by a former federal inmate turned entrepreneur. 

Having successfully established two thriving gyms, we redirected our focus to launch our non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting at-risk youth wit... Read more

Empowering Next Generation Futures

Our Programs are meticulously designed to empower and support at-risk youth on their journey to success. At the heart of our organization lies our mentorship program, which serves as the cornerstone of our efforts. 

Through this program, we provide vulnerable young men with the guidance and encouragement they need to overcome obstacles and thrive academically.

From enlightening financial literacy workshops to engaging community service ini... Read more

Our Dedication to Building Resilience

At 2nd Chance Mentors, quality and dedication form the very essence of our existence. We uphold an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and support to the young men we serve and the community we represent. 

Guided by our profound belief in the potential of every individual, we meticulously craft programs designed to inspire positive change and cultivate resilience.

From the tireless dedication of our mentors to the impac... Read more

Discover How We Can Help You Thrive

Are you looking for support and guidance to overcome life's challenges and achieve your goals? Look no further than 2nd Chance Mentors. Our dedicated team is here to help you navigate the obstacles you face and empower you to reach your full potential.


Your Support Makes a Difference

Our reach is dependent on our resources. All donations will be used to help one of our students reach their full potential. Every dollar matters and we appreciate your support.